Marjolein ’t Hart is endowed professor of the History of State Formation in Global Perspective at VU University Amsterdam and senior researcher in History at the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands and NL-Lab. She studied history at the University of Groningen and Trinity College, Dublin, and did doctoral research at the New School for Social Research in New York and at Leiden University. Her research focuses on the history of and resistance to political power formation, war and economics, and urban networks and the role of money. ’t Hart is a specialist in the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic, but she also writes on broader social and economic processes in the longer term and at a global level. Her wide-ranging interests have been fostered by appointments at various universities (Groningen, Leiden, Erasmus Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam and Columbia University New York) and by various disciplines (history, sociology, political science). ’t Hart’s work is often at the interface between history and the social sciences, and her publications enjoy international renown among social and economic historians.

At NL-Lab, ’t Hart focuses on the global aspects of debates on Dutch identity, in part based on her previous publications: The Making of a Bourgeois State. War, Politics and Finance during the Dutch Revolt (1993), The Dutch Wars of Independence. Warfare and Commerce in the Netherlands, 1570-1680 (2014), De Wereld en Nederland. Een Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis van de Laatste Duizend Jaar (2017) and Wereldgeschiedenis van Nederland (2018). She is currently working on three projects: one on the above-mentioned research on the global dimensions of the historiography of the Netherlands, one on a new, inclusive history of the Eighty Years’ War, and one on urban networks and economic power in the Netherlands during the French period.