Nina Lamal

Political Culture. Early modern diplomacy. Communication. Book History. Digital Humanities

Historian Nina Lamal obtained her PhD from KU Leuven and the University of St Andrews in 2014, with a thesis on Italian news reports, political debates and historical accounts of the Revolt in the Low Countries (1566-1648). Between 2015 and 2020, she worked for the Universal Short Title Catalogue at the University of St Andrews, and was a postdoc at the University of Antwerp. She received a Major Grant from the Bibliographical Society and a Rome Grant from the British School at Rome. 

Lamal’s research focuses on the role of media in politics and international relations in Early Modern Europe. At NL-Lab, she is a postdoctoral researcher on the project ‘Inventing Public Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe’. She is investigating the attempts by Dutch rebels and Habsburg authorities to reach a wider public in the German states. She also studies how diplomatic relations between the German states and the Dutch Republic evolved in the first decades of seventeenth century. In addition, Lamal is an editor and researcher on the ‘Correspondence of Christofforo Suriano (2020-2024)’ project at Huygens ING.