Internships (2) editorial project, The Correspondence of Cristofforo Suriano (1616-1623)


For the editorial project, The Correspondence of Cristofforo Suriano (1616-1623), the Humanities Cluster is currently recruiting a 

two interns 

in the field of early modern history. 

As an intern, you will contribute to the creation of a modern, annotated digital edition (with English-language abstracts) of the letters of Christofforo Suriano, the Venetian representative in The Hague. You will assist the editor with various tasks, including general editorial work and historical research on persons, books, and events mentioned in the letters. You will also be an active participant in the research group. 


Applicants must currently be doing an (R)Ma in history or a related field. The successful applicant will also have: 

  • Demonstrably excellent research skills 
  • Knowledge of and/or experience with archival research and historical databases 
  • A background or demonstrable interest in digital techniques
  • Outstanding writing skills in English 

Experience with seventeenth-century palaeography and/or a (passive) knowledge of Italian will serve as a recommendation. 

We offer active mentoring of students, in view of thesis preparation and/or career prospects. In addition, you will receive a modest internship allowance and your research expenses will be reimbursed. 

Additional information 

Please send a letter of motivation and CV to Dr Nina Lamal before 3 July ( For more information or question, you can contact her at same e-mail address.