Douwe Zeldenrust

Collections Manager Meertens Institute. Research Data Management. Digital Humanities. Archival Science. Knowledge history. Heritage.

Douwe Zeldenrust is the collections manager and senior research data manager at the Digital Data Management department of Huygens ING. He studied History at the University of Amsterdam and Information and Document Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is currently responsible for collection and data management at the Meertens Institute. This includes managing teams of data curators, advising on research data management, and applying new methods and techniques for processing digital data.

The Meertens Institute has been studying and documenting Dutch Language and Culture for over ninety years. Zeldenrust is currently working on a dissertation about the history of the collections of the Meertens Institute, the circulation of information and the formation of knowledge networks. This is where his interests overlap with those of NL-Lab, as the latter

researches how Dutch identity has been shaped in the research and reports produced by scientific institutes and advisory colleges. With regard to this, Zeldenrust contributes his expertise in collecting in general and in the collections of the Meertens Institute in particular.


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